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As Austria’s largest manufacturer of biodiesel, we produce 206,000 tonnes of high-quality fuel (fatty acid methyl ester, or FAME) at our production facilities in Vienna and Styria. Our quality standards exceed the requirements of ÖNORM EN 14214.

We offer different types of winter-proofing (cold filter plugging point, CFPP) according to the individual needs of our customers. Our product can be used as fuel year-round.

When it comes to mobility, science has proven that biodiesel is an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Our biogenic fuel fulfils all European requirements regarding quality and sustainability. Independent scientific evaluations have confirmed that it offers CO₂ savings of more than 50 percent. Because of this, we are your reliable partner for high-quality and sustainable biodiesel in Central Europe.

The European Union has set the target of increasing the share of environmentally-friendly biofuels among the overall fuel consumption to a total of 10 percent by the year 2020. In light of this target and considering the fact that the ecological sustainability of biodiesel has become mandatory and is secured via certification and control systems, biofuels constitute a major element in achieving the EU’s climate goals, as they provide the best alternative to fossil diesel fuels. At Münzer Bioindustrie, we have been focusing on the production of innovative biodiesel for decades. Our products not only fulfil the European quality and sustainability requirements, but also the high demands of the international petroleum industry.


FAME01 - BioDiesel EN14214
FAME02 - BioDiesel EN14214
FAME05 - BioDiesel EN14214

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