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Years of Family History


Generations in the Family Business


Locations Worldwide

The company was founded in 1991 by Ewald Münzer Senior. Two years later it became Ewald Münzer GmbH, with the focus on the disposal of liquid waste. In 1999, Biodiesel Kärnten/Carinthia GmbH was co-founded and in the same year entered into the business of the production of waste-based biofuels. Four years later, MM Drainage-Pipe-Renovation GmbH was founded. In 2004, BioDiesel Vienna GmbH was founded within the framework of the Münzer Group, and the largest biodiesel production plant in Austria was built in the Vienna Ölhafen Lobau. This biodiesel plant in the Vienna Ölhafen Lobau was put into operation in 2006. All subsidiaries were merged in 2009 into one joint company, Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH. In 2010, the headquarters of Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH were built in Sinabelkirchen / Styria. The biodiesel production plant in the Styrian Paltental, Gaishorn am See was acquired in 2014. A cable scrap processing plant for the recycling of (semi-) precious metals such as copper was built in 2015 at the Sinabelkirchen site. In 2016, the used cooking oil collection system was acquired from Ölwert GmbH, located in Langenlois as well as Ölwert Deutschland/Germany GmbH. In the same year, the company expanded their business line by adding fresh oil bottling and distribution to large restaurant chains and the food industry.

Development of the family business


Participation as a shareholder in the company Won OOD based in Sofia / Bulgaria.

Participation Won OOD, Bulgaria

Location expansion of the office premises of the company headquarter in Sinabelkirchen / Styria.

Location expansion Headquarter

Founding of epuls GmbH specializing in trading eQuoten for private individuals, fleet operators, charging station operators and electricity providers based in Vienna / Austria.

Founding epuls GmbH

Participation as a shareholder in the company BOLJE based in Murska Sobota / Slovenia.


Construction of the largest fat treatment plant in Central Europe for the treatment of waste fats as raw material for BioDiesel production at Vienna Port of Lobau.

Used Cooking Oil Collection Point, Vienna

Participation as a shareholder in the disposal company Speisereste Entsorgung Lindinger GmbH based in Schwarzach im Pongau / Salzburg.

Participation as a shareholder

Majority shareholder in the partner company Gastrofilter S.R.L. based in Chilieni / Romania and expansion of the collection system for used cooking oil for the catering industry and households.

Founding Gastrofilter S.R.L., Romania

Founding of Muenzer Kenya Private Ltd. in Nairobi with the goal to produce 100% waste based BioDiesel for Kenya.

Founding Muenzer Kenya Private Ltd., Kenya

Majority owner in the partner company H-Bio Kft. based in Tényő / Hungary and development of a collection system for used cooking oil for the catering industry and households.

Takeover H-Bio Kft., Hungary

Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH is taking over Rotie UCO Trade B.V., headquartered in Amsterdam/Holland, making it one of the largest private dealers of waste oils and fats in Europe.

Takeover Rotie UCO Trade B.V., Amsterdam

Founding of Muenzer Bangla Pvt. Ltd. in Dhaka with the goal to produce 100% waste based BioDiesel for Bangladesh.

Founding Muenzer Bangla Pvt. Ltd., Bangladesh

Takeover of the waste disposal companies Schwarz Recycling, Wolfgang Ohr and FEBOS Entsorgungs GmbH located in Margarethen am Moos / Lower Austria.


Commissioning and inauguration of the 100% waste-based BioDiesel facility in Navi Mumbai / India, with an annual production capacity of 3,000 t.

BioDiesel Navi Mumbai / Indien

Extension of the cable and electronic scrap recycling facility as well as the construction of an intermediate storage facility at our head quarter in Sinabelkirchen.

Sinabelkirchen Extension

Construction of a treatment facility for Used Cooking Oil as well as a production plant for waste-based BioDiesel in Navi Mumbai / India.

Navi Mumbai / Indien

Start of the "National Used Cooking Oil Collection Mission for India™“ in the state of Maharashtra, India.

National Used Cooking Oil Collection Mission for India™

Expansion of our headquarters in Sinabelkirchen. Expanding the recycling facility for cable and electrical scrap as well as building a second treatment unit for used cooking oil.


Expansion of tank farm for used cooking oil and building of new office space at Vienna Port of Lobau.


Takeover of the UCO-collection of Oelwert GmbH, located in Langenlois as well as Oelwert Deutschland GmbH.


Founding of Muenzer Bharat Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, INDIA. Building up a collection system and treatment facility for used cooking oil.


Construction of a treatment facility for cable scrap to recycle (semi-)precious metals such as aluminum and copper in Sinabelkirchen.


Acquisition of the biodiesel production facility in Paltental/Styria. Thus, Muenzer Bioindustrie GmbH increases its production capacity to more than 200,000 tons of BioDiesel per year.


Construction and completion of Muenzer’s new headquarters in Sinabelkirchen / Styria.


Construction of Austria’s largest treatment plant for used cooking oil to be treated to a high quality feedstock for BioDiesel production at Port of Lobau / Vienna.


Launch of a national collection system for used cooking oil with innovative, hygienic and practical collection containers.


Merge of all subsidiaries to one joint company, Muenzer Bioindustrie GmbH.


Opening and putting into operation of the BioDiesel facility as well as the treatment plant for pharmaceutical glycerin in May 2006.


Ground-breaking for Austria’s largest and state-of-the-art biodiesel facility at Vienna Port of Lobau.


Establishment of BioDiesel Vienna GmbH as subsidiary of Muenzer Group and start of the planning for Austria’s largest biodiesel facility at Vienna Port of Lobau.


Co-founding of MM drainage and pipe renovation GmbH for innovative reconstruction of conduits, ducts, shafts and elevated water tanks.


Co-founding of BioDiesel Kärnten GmbH and entry into the new business segment of producing waste-based biofuels.


Muenzer “Drain Cleaning Service” is reorganized to the waste disposal company Ewald Münzer GmbH, focused on liquid wastes with special work machines.


Ewald Muenzer, father of the current owners establishes Muenzer „Drain Cleaning Services KEG“.

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