Proper disposal

Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-Acid Batteries Purchase, collection and recycling
  • Vehicle batteries (starter batteries)
  • Industrial and traction (EV) batteries (e.g. forklift batteries)
  • Remuneration only for "Pb" labeled lead-acid batteries
  • Disposal of other types of batteries
    For example: Nickel-cadmium-, lithium-ion-accumulator on request

Vehicle Batteries (Starter Batteries)

Vehicle batteries (also called SLI batteries) are batteries for the starting, lighting or ignition of vehicles; Batteries which are used as vehicle batteries by type or design in vehicles are considered as vehicle batteries.

 Car batteries

 Moped & motorcycle batteries



Industrial and Traction (EV) Batteries

Industrial batteries are batteries that are intended for industrial or commercial use, for example:

 Electric vehicles such as airport vehicles, industrial trucks (e.g. forklifts) and AGV’s (driverless transport systems such as those used in large warehouses).

 the use in solar modules and photovoltaic technology as well as other applications in the field of renewable energy (stationary storage)

 the emergency or backup power supply (USV) in hospitals, airports or offices

 the use in trains or aircraft

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