Suction replaces shovelling!

Super suction


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Super suction
Super suction
Super suction
Super suction

Efficient and economical

In many cases, our super suction units facilitate laborious and time-consuming work which otherwise can often only be carried out by hand, thereby making such work considerably more efficient.

  • Dry & Wet suction
  • Blowing off gravel and other free-flowing materials

Suction replaces shovelling! Our super suction units are working machines with high performance suction systems. With special superstructures, they suck in and blow off liquid, paste-like and dry materials both from great heights (roofs) and depths (manholes). Because of the specially developed vacuum conveyor, the suction process can be carried out dust-free.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and competent and highly qualified staff ensures optimal results. Know-how, well trained staff, as well as many years of professional experience make it possible to also use our super suction units in areas which are difficult to reach, as well as under adverse conditions.

* Material dependent. Detailed information on request.

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