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Tank cleaning

Tankreinigung Privathaushalt
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Tank cleaning and dismantling

Cleaning tanks and containers invariably requires care and competency. This is why we deploy only trained specialist staff and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring professional and proper tank cleaning throughout Austria for ultimate results.

Industrial tanks

Industrial tanks
  • Degassing and degreasing the tank systems
  • Professional cleaning and proper disposal of residues from industrial tank systems
  • Cleaning industrial tanks with residual contents such as heavy fuel oil, light fuel oil or middle distillates (diesel and extra light fuel oil)

Household tanks

Household tanks
  • Cleaning and dismantling of battery and steel tanks
  • Proper disposal of residues in the tanks
  • Intermediate storage of the product and refilling via a fine filter system
  • Steel tank ultrasonic wall thickness measurement
  • Degassing and degreasing the tank systems

Underground tank

Underground tank
  • Cleaning of underground tanks
    (diesel and petrol tanks)
  • Leak tests according to VbF
    (Flammable Liquids Ordinance)
  • Ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness of tanks and containers
  • Intermediate storage of the product and refilling via a fine filter system

Reasons for tank cleaning

As heating oil ages, sulfurous aging agents form due to the natural properties of the oil. At the bottom of the tank, these aging substances combine with water to form aggressive sulfuric acids which over time, can attack the bottom of the tank and cause pitting. For this reason, regular and professional tank cleaning is essential for the safe operation of your oil heater.

Final end for oil heating

The Austrian federal government has announced the timetable for the final end to oil heating in single and multi-family houses. This timetable concerns the nationwide oil-out. What the end of oil heating will look like in the individual federal states can currently only be speculated. The planned phase-out will take place nationwide according to the following timetable:


As of 01/01/2020, oil boilers are prohibited in new buildings (single and multi-family homes).


From 2021, the oil boiler will also be banned in the renovation.


From 2025, oil boilers over 25 years old should be replaced.


it is planned that the operation of an oil boiler (single and multi-family homes) will be prohibited.

Aus für Ölheizungen

Final end for oil heating in single and multi-family houses!

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